10 Ways to Increase Page Views for your Blog

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Every blogger strives to get as many unique visitors to their site as possible, but what about keeping them there? Wouldn’t you like to increase page views so that they are sticking around rather than reading one post and leaving? Increasing your page views is beneficial when it comes to brands and advertising, and it can also help your bounce rate.

The following steps are just a handful of ways that you can increase page views on your blog.

Increase Page Views

How to Increase Page Views

1. Make your blog navigation-friendly. Have a menu with your most common topics displayed. Add links to your most popular posts in the sidebar. These will be there no matter what page the visitor lands on, and it furthers the chance for them to stay around a while and read more of your posts.

2. Have a search bar on your site. This offers your readers the best way to find what they are looking for. If you don’t have a search bar, it’s safe to say you are decreasing your page views with this one mistake.

3. Link to other pages within your blog. Be sure to add a link to at least one other blog post each time you write a new one. It needs to be somewhat related in order for this to really work. For example, if you write about how to decorate a cake, include a link to a cake mix recipe you have published in the past. Doing this each time will help you increase page views for all of your posts.

4. Use a related posts WordPress plugin. There are several plugins that will pull related posts and offer them to your readers at the end of each post. This makes it easy for them to click and read another article…and another…and another. The plugin I use on this blog is the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

5. Stick with 2-4 themes for your blog. Having a niche makes increasing page views much easier, as everything you write about should be somewhat related. Having too many categories and topics on your blog makes it more difficult, as people may get overwhelmed and leave when reading the post they landed on.

6. Do a compilation post. Have you written 10+ posts on a related topic over the past several months? Put them all together in one post, linking to each of them. Heavily promote the compilation via social media and use proper SEO tactics so it will rank well in Google. Create an image and place it in your sidebar, linking to the compilation post. Many readers will find this post to be a goldmine if they are looking for lots of info on the topic.

7. Stay on topic in your blog posts. People want to read quality content when they visit a blog. They want something that is entertaining and/or educational. If they enjoy reading your posts, they are likely to click around and see what else you offer. Rambling posts that aren’t very useful or don’t relate to the title will have them quickly leaving your blog.

8. Create a blog post series. If you have a wealth of knowledge on a certain topic…that would take you thousands of words to¬†completely¬†share, make a series. One way is to break the content into five posts, publishing one each day, Monday-Friday. Be sure to link to the rest of the series in each posts to make it easier for readers to find them all.

9. Be consistent in your blogging. You must put out content regularly in order to increase page views. This gives your newer readers more and more information to digest when they visit your blog.

10. Show post excerpts on your homepage. Rather than allowing an entire blog post to be read from your blog’s main page, offer just a small portion. This makes the reader click to read more, increasing the number of pages they view. Excerpts also allow you to feature more posts on a single page, meaning you have more options for the reader when they land on your site.

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About Kecia

As a blogger of over eight years, Kecia Hambrick enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gained to help others succeed. A self-proclaimed social media enthusiast, she is a WAHM to a two year old boy and has been married five years. She also blogs at SouthernGirlRamblings.com, and when she's away from the computer, you can find her reading, bowling, or watching movies with family.


  1. Very good advice! I actually do some of them-but not all–may try some of the others!

  2. Great tips, well written. Thankfully, I do most of them :) Off to write a compilation post on animals!

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. These are great tips! I actually still need to work on a few of these!

  4. Great idea on the excerpts- right now I have full posts up on mine.

  5. great posts thanks I need to keep these in mind

  6. All these tips are fantastic! They definitely work. I’ve been doing quite a few of them for a long time and I have seen a big result of it.

  7. These tips are great! Thanks for sharing your wonderful advice!

  8. Wonderful post — I learned several things here that are great — and I would love to know how you got that great rss subscription box there!!! The compilation post is a good idea….

  9. These are great tips!

  10. These are wonderful tips.. Thank you so much for posting.

  11. These are great tips! I am trying to grown mine! I will try some of the stuff on here that I have not tried yet! Thank you for sharing this!

  12. I know this is off topic, but what is the plugin you’re using with that floating toolbar on the left of your page? Really nice!

    I do #6 and #8 all the time, but I have been lax in promoting them in the fashion you describe! I’ll have to get going on this. Thanks for the ideas!

  13. Really great tips! I need to try these especially creating a series!

  14. Excellent and helpful advice! I see a few things I need to do! Thanks!

  15. Thanks, Kecia! These are great tips! I need to start doing some of these. I’m still a newbie and need to learn a lot!

  16. I am working really hard on #3. It has been a struggle for me incorporate the links in naturally.

  17. Ooooh I like all of your points, especially the one about a compilation list added to your sidebar widget.
    Naturally I clicked on over to check that list out.

    That is a great idea. Now that I am working on posts that are topic related, I can definitely work on something like this.

    Thaks Kecia

  18. Great ideas. I’m always trying to increase my pageviews!

  19. I’m so glad you put navigation friendly at the #1 spot! It’s so annoying to visit a blog and have to really hunt for recent posts or a search option.

  20. Great tips! I think I have started doing almost all of them.

  21. Thank you for this post! I did not know what bounce rate meant, and now that I do I need to work on mine!! I will be back checking for more helpful advice :)

  22. I need to work on #5: I can’t seem to narrow down my focus any further.

    #6 is a great idea…I have going to do one of these soon!

  23. Great tips! Thanks! I have recently started a second blog that I want to switch to completely and discard the first one, so these are important things for me to work on. I will bookmark your site and keep coming back!

  24. Great suggestions. I have a couple compilations I need to put together.

  25. Great points! I think easy navigation is so important too!

  26. Great tips! I do all of the above. The only one I struggle with is linking out to other blog posts in every post. I don’t always when I’m in a hurry!

  27. Love the tips! I like to show partial posts on my main page, for sure. The tip about adding a link to somewhere else on your blog is a good one.

  28. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging, you can always use these tips. Thanks for them!

  29. Some great tid-bits in here! I like the idea of doing some compilation posts in the future, especially since I’m writing so many posts for this blogging challenge that some readers might miss them first time around. I also like the idea of picking 2-4 themes and sticking to them.

  30. Thanks for this advice! My pageviews are slowly increasing but I need all the help I can get!

  31. Okay…I’m back (lol). Is there an easy way to only make the excerpts show? Or do I need to back and alter each post?

  32. Thank you for the wonderful tips. I am off to find out more about the Yet Another Related Post plug-in.

  33. Those are really great tips! I’ve been blogging for a while but never thought about a couple of those. I’m going to have to change my main page after reading this.


  34. Great tips! I definitely need to spruce up my menu.

  35. Wonderful tips! I need to get working on a few of these and m nav bars have GOT to be cleaned up!

  36. Great tips! I need to work on compilation posts and series the most.

  37. Hello Kecia..Its a quality quantitative content which I think I would be following regularly while blogging.Being new in the world of blogging these type of posts help a lot in order to make a new born blog and blogger both knowledgeable as to how to manage the blog.Thanks a lot.

  38. Thanks for the great tips!


  39. All these tips are good.. Excellent work @ basic4bloggers

  40. thanks for reminding me that i still need to add navigation bar and search bar on my site. :)

  41. Very useful and informative tips !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

  42. good article for me …

  43. Very usefull tips, thank you!

  44. Thanks for sharing this great information :) I def need to change a few things on my blog!

  45. Some great advice there. My problem has not been getting more people to my site, that is happening naturally every month. The big issue has been inceasing the page views per visitor and thus increasing the average time spent on the site. I will be implementing a few of your tips to try and improve things.

    Thank you.

  46. Thanks for the blog post. This article will help me in my blogging journey. I have just created a blog and want to have more page views.

  47. Your blog is just full of great advice! I just started my blog six weeks ago and am looking to increase traffic. Now that I armed with this advice, my blog should see a nice increase. Thanks again!

  48. I will try to learn how to put a search bar in my blogger site, thanks.

  49. You are really good at this! I could not stop clicking on the links that your provided. Thank you for sharing such helpful info, I am in the process of implementing it.


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